Royal Salmon Fillet, Alaska, Wild

Royal Salmon Fillet, Alaska, Wild

Price per Fillet  approx. 500 g /  300 g

WILD SALMON – ALASKA (Oncorhynchus kisutch)

The salmon from the Pacific are lower in fat than their Atlantic counterparts and therefore milder.  The meat of the silver salmon (or COHO) is relatively soft.  The colour can vary but is consistently brighter than their Atlantic counterparts.

The salmon fillet “LE FILET” is the culmination of salmon enjoyment.  Only the best pieces are processed to “LE FILET”.  Without skin, without black fat and of course, like all our smoked salmon, without bones.  Once tried it is sure to be a favourite.

Our Swiss smokehouse guarantees freshness and the highest quality.  The traditional smoking method in the wood oven gives the exquisite salmon meat an incomparable, delicate flavour.

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