General terms

1. General terms

General terms and stipulations relative to commercial services apply for all business transactions between TREBLA AG and its clients.

2. Contract and reservation conditions

The order/s received via TREBLA AG’s online shopping basket service is binding. Shortly after receipt of the clients’ online order, a confirmation of the order is emailed to client. In the event one of our suppliers irrespective of contract cannot deliver the ordered goods, TREBLA has the right to withdraw from the contract with client/purchaser. In such cases, TREBLA will inform the client/purchaser that the goods are not available for delivery and will reimburse the client the prepaid purchase price. A copy of the order is not a confirmation of contract.

3. Price

The prices quoted at the time of order are valid. Prices are subject to change. (All quoted prices exclude 8% VAT).

4. Terms of Delivery and Dispatch

TREBLA’s terms of delivery and dispatch are valid within Switzerland. Deliveries outside Switzerland are not possible. Information about terms of delivery is non-binding.
As a rule, clients’ orders are processed and dispatched within two days. Paid in advance orders against invoice (or validated credit card) are speedily dispatched.
We reserve the right to send partial orders. In such cases, shipping costs are charged just once.
In the event a client does not accept the delivery, although there is no provision in our terms of general contract agreement (no clause nor guarantee in our general terms of purchase and delivery that allows non-acceptance) , TREBLA is authorized to charged the client a handling charge in the amount of CHF 40.- and 10% of the delivered products’ price.

5.Shipping and shipping costs

Shipping within Switzerland are generally per Postexpress and are charged CHF 15.- per dispatch.

6. Returning ordered products

While TREBLA has no stipulation that allows clients to return goods, we may make exceptions in the case of damaged goods or confirmed missing ordered articles. Confirmed missing articles may be replaced (this will be determined by TREBLA on individual basis). Damaged goods must be returned to TREBLA for analysis and may be replaced by TREBLA. However, TREBLA is not obligated to replace damaged goods as responsibility for the safe delivery of goods is no longer TREBLAs once it has been dispatched and becomes the responsibility of the purchaser (per OR).

7. Methods of payment within Switzerland

7.1 Prepaid orders will be dispatched immediately following receipt of order confirmation. Order confirmations are strictly net price – deductions are prohibited.

7.2 Payments by credit cards shall be debited to the client on the day the order has been dispatched.

7.3 Payments against invoice are subject to a 10-day term of payment (payment is accepted only in net amount). Failure by clients to adhere to this 10-day term, a 5% interest shall be charged (as of the first day of delay). TREBLA has the right to deny deliveries or to demand payment in advance of clients with a history of not adhering to the 10-day term mentioned above.

8. Reminders

Each payment reminder is subject to a fee of CHF 40.-

9. Sale of alcoholic drinks

TREBLA does not sell alcoholic drinks to minors (under 18 years old). The purchaser of such articles confirms with his/her order that they are authorized to place such orders.

10. Reservation of propriety rights

Pending complete payment of order, the products and articles remain the sole property of TREBLA AG, Caviarimport Basel.

11. Legal Disclaimer

Court venue is 4000 Basel. Swiss Law upholds.

12. Browser – recommendation

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