AMUR-Caviar Imperial is mildly grainy and contrary to the AMUR-Caviar A is lighter in color, and comes from an excellent breeding farm on the Amur river in China. This caviar is prepared based on an Iranian recipe and prepared strictly under Iranian quality control.

Its’ wonderful taste comes nearest to the quality of Osciètre wild sturgeon and is therefore a very apt alternative.

  • Storage: up to 3 months in the refrigerator.
  • Optimal storage temperature: 5°C
  • Species: Acipenser schrenckii
  • Origin: China
  • Original cans: 1.8 kg (price upon request)


  • Caviar
  • Störrogen gesalzen
  • Farbe  gold, hellbraun, dunkelbraun, braun, oliv
  • Korn Durchmesser ca. 2,5 mm
  • In Prestige-Dosen  à 30g/50g/100g/200g/500g

Nährwerte   (100g enthalten)

  • Energie   316 Kcal/1322 KJ
  • Fett                         20,8 g
  • davon ungesättigte Fettsäuren  5,5 g
  • Kohlenhydrate      3,8 g
  • davon Zucker         0,0 g
  • Eiweiss                   28,4 g
  • Salz                            1,4 g
  • Kons. E 284 Borax   0,4 %

Weight, Price:


Includes 2.5% VAT